Hi all! I know most if not all of us are still dealing with a situation that hasn't been scene in over a century. But as hard as it has been, there are things going on.  Hoping that this virus will finally be under control, here in Queens New York are plans for a month long arts festival in June of 2022. More information to come as things progress. I'm also working on some new songs which I hope to release as singles during mid/late 2021. And don't be surprised if you get notified from me of some solo home concerts via Zoom or other digital platforms. 

  In the meantime everyone, Be Safe, Be Well, and Be Cool!



                                                                                               APRIL 2020

   Hi all! To say that the entire planet is in crises is an understatement. And while having gigs cancelled and projects postponed for who knows how long has its challenges, the priority for now is safety. Let's all do what we need to do to get through this!

   In the meantime everyone, Be Safe, Be Well, and Be Cool! 

                                                                                              APRIL 2023

Hey all!  Covid threw the world into chaos, but things have been going on musically. Check out the ABOUT page for the updates!


                                                                                            DECEMBER 2023

Hey all, Health issues has sidelined me since the spring. It's been a long frustratingly slow road to recovery. But I'm coming back! Things are in the works for 2024. More to come. To be continued………………